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How do I sort the items in an album?


You can only sort the items in an album you create, or one where you have been set as the owner. In that case follow these steps. 1. Go to your album page http://www.thebeachcats.com/index.php?module=pictures&g2_itemId=53380 2. If you are logged-in you should see some links at the left column, one of them is "Edit Album" click it. 3. Now you should see a page with some tabs, one of the tabs is labeled "Album", click it. 4. Under the "Sort Order" section you have a drop down list of ways to sort the album. Two are confusing, Creation Date = the time you added the picture to the album. Origination Date = the time the picture was taken, based on the data from the camera. If you have edited-cropped-resized the picture before uploading it, the camera data may have been erased, so that won't work for sorting. 5. Once you have selected your sort type, be sure and submit the form with button at the bottom of the page. 6. Visit your album to be sure it sorted the way you thought.