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2 1995 Mysteres for sale (5.5 and 6.0)
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1 769 1/9/22
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Description: 2 Mystere beachcats for sale: After 45 years of sailing and 22 years of beach cat sailing, I am getting out of sailing due to blown out shoulders.

FUN and Fast boats. Kick-up centerboards work well in shallow waters. Can be rigged for racing or cruising with friends and family. Both boats were registered in Florida a few years ago. Not currently registered but could be.

Getting requests for each individual item. I would much rather sell it all to one person but, $4k for either boat w one set of sails and steel trailer, $2500 for wings $2500 for trailer separate.

ALL parts are interchangeable: Rudders, rigging, sails and everything else! The CUSTOM WINGS fit on either boat, and are exceptionally well designed and built right! There are only 2 bolts on each wing, very light and EASY to swap.

Boats are stored under a canopy, always fully washed after use, one has a boat-cover on it at all times.

standing rigging for 2 boats: 2 forestays, 4 side-stays, 4 diamond-wires, 4 bridals
2 harken furlers systems (top and bottom)
running rigging for 2 boats: 2 jib sheets, 2 mainsheets, 4 harken jib blocks
2 alum spin poles with hoops
2 righting bags: 1 Murray's large righting bag with 3:1 block system, one custom made righting bag

Sails: also interchangeable. I pick my sail-plan depending on wind and crew weight
1 technora 6.0 main,
1 technora 5.5 main,
2 f18 mains,
1 5.5 jib (new),
1 6.0 jib (new),
2 spinnakers – one is almost new, other is in decent condition.
2 trampolines: 1 custom front trampoline, 1 standard trampoline
1 sail-box
1 set of beach wheels (with cradles)

LOTS of spare parts: upper and lower castings, tillers, a few rudders, traveler car, trap wires, etc.). Mystere is in business and support old boats. I have ordered a few items (rudder parts) over the years from them, and they are very responsive.

1 standard steel trailer with current FL have tags
1 CUSTOM ALUM trailer with current FL have tags: It has an extendable yoke to assist with stepping the mast (it uses the winch and lifts additional 4 feet) Newer axel, deluxe hubs and 13” tires with a spare This trailer is amazing and worth $3000-$4000 on its own.

95 6.0 Mystere - This boat gets complements every time it is in public. From welders complimenting the welds, to sailors, to the regular beach-goers walk up all the time when this is on the beach and compliment the boat.

This boat was totally stripped down and taken apart. Custom welded attachment points added to mast diamond wires and trap wires, custom wings designed and fabricated, compression tubes (horizontal and vertical) and pivots added to beams, custom everything, dynema lines used for halyards, etc. Imron paint on the boat, Awegrip on the mast and beams.

Custom reefing system: Dynema halyard is lowered and secured with an in-mast-track spinlock. There is a 2:1 system aloft to spread the load out when reefed.

Technora main with reinforced reefing downhaul and outhaul (tack and clew). When not reefed... just use the stock ring/hook system.
The 6.0 tramp is old and torn: and will need replacement – old is one available

95 5.5 Mystere:
custom front tramp, barber-hauler setup currently
Beams set up for the custom wings the same exact way as 6.0.
Boat reinforced: alum compression tubes at all beam bolts (and horizontal ones), alum plating added on beams under cleats and eye-strap locations. Beams recently redone (by the same fabricator who built our the wings) and painted by a marine painter.

Currently there is a short carbon fiber bow sprit (spin pole) that holds up a triangular (string) front tramp on the 5.5 (fits on either boat). I store a righting bag and my anchor on there to keep the deck clear. Also fits if the spin poles are rigged (can be used on either boat) also the 5.5 has a custom made (Sunrise Yacht) front tramp (tramp material) that has pockets for an anchor and underside righting bag - not used for years but included with sale.

More pics in this thread and more available upon request -
Brand: Mystere
Model: 5.5 & 6.0
HIN#: will provide
City: clearwater
State: florida
Phone Number: four


Registered: June 2006
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Comment Date: 1/10/22
Thanks Bob

Registered: July 2016
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Comment Date: 1/9/22
The Mystere's are great sailing boats! GLWS.

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