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Supercat 20 catamaran boston whaler aquarius TALL RIG 38.5 MAST, SAILS, RIGGING
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1 3251 2/18/17
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Description: BUMP for a price reduction. Mast, sails and rigging at an unbeatable price for a VERY RARE rig.

First, YES this is the tall rig Dave Farmer had for sale here 3 years ago. Please call me at Three Zero Two, 344-3037 if you have questions. There IS a possibility I may be able to deliver this depending on where you are.

This is the original tall rig mast offered as an option for a Supercat 20 of the mid eighties. It's the same aluminum extrusion as the standard 33' mast, just longer at 38.5' with a triple spreader diamond wire arrangement. This is the same extrusion that came with early ARC 22s, although it was then offered with a single spreader, double diamond configuration, which this mast could be converted to if desired. The mast is in good condition, no corrosion, never seen salt water, and is complete with all standing rigging, shrouds, forestay, bridle wires, trapeze wires, and the stock shroud extension system for self righting, which includes the Hyfield levers and shroud extension wires.

P.S. - Aquarius Sails is no longer offering the aluminum mast. Only carbon fiber for $11,000. If you destroy the mast on your tall rig SC 20 or your ARC 22 get ready to shell out $$$. So this might be a good investment as even a spare.

There are three original dacron sails for this rig. The mainsail appears to be from the original sailmaker supplying sails for Supercat, although no sail loft insignia is present. The dacron is still crisp, and quite clean for a 30 year old sail, no damage or repairs, no signs of chafe. High quality foam core battens. Pin head design.

The small jib is a hank on design by Posey Sails, not designed for furling, but drops easily. Two full battens, 3 partial leech battens, and two foot battens.

The large jib is by Pineapple Sails in San Francisco, with a zippered luff, full battens, and a window. Both jibs are crisp and quite clean, all sails appear to have very little use. The main and large jib have sailbags with a few tears, the small jib has none.

This is a very powerful rig for a 20 to 22 foot multihull, particularly with the large jib. Maybe you have a Supercat 20 that you want to upgrade to the tall rig, or a project cat that doesnt have a mast/sails, or have a ruined mast from an SC 20 or Aquarius Sails ARC 22. This mast would not be good for a very heavy boat. It was designed for the SC 20 with a weight below or around 500 lbs. NOTE* There is no boom. You will either have to use your own or source one from Aquarius sails or a parts boat. Or build your own. All you'd need is round aluminum tube and fittings.

If you have questions or would like to discuss moving this large stick and the price, feel free to contact me. Three Zero Two, 344.3037 Aron
Brand: Supercat
Model: 20
City: Wilmington
State: DE
Phone Number: 302-344-3037


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Comment Date: 4/14/17
Bump for a price reduction!

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