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Restoring Old Hulls

By Sonny Barber

The best thing I've found for *cleaning* white hulls is SoftScrub w/bleach. Wonderful stuff.

Sand down slightly any patched areas (so they are slightly lower than the surrounding surface) and fill with gelcoat. Fair and sand the gelcoat. Final sand with 600 wet. If you patched with epoxy, clean the patched area thoroughly with soap, water and a scrub brush to remove the amine from the surface of the epoxy. This is the stuff that causes polyester resins to not bond properly to epoxy.

Cleaning the hull with SoftScrub and a disk pad goes a long way toward restoring the finish, but to make them pristine, you need to polish them out with fine cutting compound followed by waxing with a good hard wax.

Sonny Barber

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