Catamaran Sailing
Catamaran Pictures

Vol 5 - Issue 5 Dec 2001

Lightwave L.E.D. Waterproof Flashlight

This tough plastic bodied flashlight comes with a lanyard that I use to keep it attached to my boat's trampoline. If I ever get stuck out after dark, it has proved to be more than enough to illuminate my sails when I want to be seen. It has four light emitting diodes in it that will throw as much light as a standard flashlight of the same size. It uses three AA batteries and is turned on by twisting the head. It is sealed with a rubber O-ring and is waterproof. As with most L.E.D. lights, you will get exceptional battery life.
Price appox. $25

Batteries: 3 AA, included
Length: 7 inches
Lamp Type: 4 White LED's
Weight w/ Batteries: 6 ounces
Run Time: up to 300 Hours

Gary Friesen