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Santa Barbara Harbor - Santa Barbara, CA USA

Wind Conditions: Excellent
Water Conditions: Excellent
Launch facilities: Good
Beach conditions: Good
Traffic conditions: Good
Safety: Good

Charges: 8$ parking for the day

About the place:
Nice launch for ocean sailing. Choose from concrete boat ramp, cat tracks on "cat beach" or drive on beach (4WD only) on south side of harbor. Channel very tight if you launch from ramp, but but potentially great wind and water conditions once out of the harbor. The Channel Islands are within 15 miles or so, if you dare. You will not be alone in the beach areas, since they are frequented by other Hobies, Nacras, and Prindles.

Submitted by: Bill Mattson <>
Santa Paula, CA USA - Sunday, September 08, 1996 at 00:55:15 (PDT)

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