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Saint Lawrence River - Ogdensburg, NY USA

Wind Conditions: Good
Water Conditions: Good
Launch facilities: Excellent
Beach conditions: Fair
Traffic conditions: Fair
Safety: Poor

Charges: none

About the place:
The now clear waters of the St. Lawrence river are a perfect place to sail. From Alexandria Bay and the Thousand Islands at the north end of Interstate 81 on the Canadian border, northeast towards Ogdensburg and Massena, this outflow of the Great Lakes is up to two miles wide. Winds are usually steady and offer varied conditions with normal speeds satisfying the intermediate sailor. Be aware that sudden storms do build and will challenge even the most experienced. There are numerous public launch sites on both the US and Canadian sides. The one down side is the lack of beaches. THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL WATER WAY AND FREIGHTERS RUN 24/7. This makes for great surfing opportunities on their wakes, but these ships have absolute right of way and DO NOT STOP! The water temperature is cool during the summer but extremely refreshing. Feel free to contact me for more details

Submitted by: Jeff Graves <>
Binghamton, NY USA - Sunday, August 05, 2001 at 22:10:59 (PDT)

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