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Hurricane Gulch, Cabrillo Beach UPDATE - San Pedro, CA USA

Wind Conditions: Excellent
Water Conditions: Good
Launch facilities: Good
Beach conditions: Good
Traffic conditions: Good
Safety: Good

Charges: $8.00

About the place:
I'd just like to update on the previous post by "Gary". All is correct, but I would caution people from using the launch ramp for launching and would recommend, instead, the beach. Launching at the ramp will put you straight into the wind, perfect until you have to move away from the dock. Pulling away from the dock puts you in a fast reach with very little room to clear the jetty opposite the dock. The only way this can be accomplished safely is if you were at the very end of the dock where it turns and no one was in your way. Approaching this dock at the end of the day is not as bad, but can be dangerous with many other boats around, which is typical on Summer afternooons. I've sailed off the beach many times and highly recommend it over the ramp. A beach dolly is required. There are two vehicle access aprons to the sand (used by Lifeguards and service vehicles) located about 50 yards from the ramp. You can back your trailer up these aprons and onto the sand, but no further. From there, step your mast, load all your gear on the tramp, secure the dolly and park you car and trailer. There's a piece of telephone pole about 6 feet high separating the PWC and sail-craft only sides. When facing the water, the sail side is to the right of the pole.

Submitted by: Anthony <>
San Pedro, CA USA - Monday, November 29, 1999 at 14:43:24 (PST)

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