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Saftey Beach, Dromana - Melbourne, VIC Australia

Wind Conditions: Excellent
Water Conditions: Excellent
Launch facilities: Excellent
Beach conditions: Excellent
Traffic conditions: Good
Safety: Good

Charges: Wooden Ramp, and it's free!

About the place:
South of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula,heading towards Mt Martha on Beach Rd veer left, at the BP Serivce Station on your right, over a small creek and take the first left onto the beach, there's a wooden ramp in good repair, and a short beach, ie dont have to drag boat very far! there is enough parking for about 6 cars with trailers. Regular / teritorial weekend sailing haunt. ( heckle the skipper of "Pink Bits" for a laugh on weekends, but be nice to the skipper of "Barracuda" or he is likley to ram you with his deceptivly fast H14 (just kidding:) Fantatic Sailing in most conditions, good winds, and flat water + a flawless sea floor, and beautiful surrounds however be warned in the middle of summer holidays expect to have to contend with the hideosness of a dozen or so PWC's ( Puniy Wankers with no Cocks )aka: mindless Jetskiers in close to the beach ( may they all drown and go to hell!) On sunny days expent winds ranging from 4 to 10 knots with sea breases building in late afternoon to 15-20 Knots. Windy overcast days are the best ( for exitment ) as the water is usually fairly flat and swell minimal in almost all circumstances Hope to see you down there!

Submitted by: Robert Yearsley <>
Melbourne, VIC Australia - Tuesday, April 06, 1999 at 22:37:13 (PDT)

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