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Kailua/Lanikai Beach - Kailua, HI USA

Wind Conditions: Excellent
Water Conditions: Excellent
Launch facilities: Good
Beach conditions: Excellent
Traffic conditions: Excellent
Safety: Fair

Charges: none

About the place:
Kailua and Lanikai beaches are fairly large. Boat launch is just before Lanikai Point. Trade winds blow year 'round about 5 - 20 in the summer and 10 - 30 in the winter. Trades come from a great direction to sail in, out, and parallel to the beach. Traffic's great. A couple a reefs you need to know about. Surfin' waves on your Hobie is awesome. Never seen a place with so many days of perfect Hobie weather. Glad I live here.

Submitted by: Steve Muench <>
Kailua, HI USA - Wednesday, December 04, 1996 at 00:23:27 (PST)

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