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Deer Creek Reservoir - Heber, UT USA

Wind Conditions: Excellent
Water Conditions: Excellent
Launch facilities: Poor
Beach conditions: Fair
Traffic conditions: Excellent
Safety: Poor

Charges: $5.

About the place:
About 20 miles east of Provo. The lake is about 5 miles long and 3/4 mile wide. The wind is reliable after 11 am each summer day. The wind blows the across the length of the lake, so reaching is across the width. The water temp. is about 60. The launch that I used was at the State Park. You have to just roll your trailer as close to the edge of the lake as you can without sinking in the muk. Your feet sometimes sink in the muk. Your boat will get a little muddy during launch, but easy enough to rinse, right? The lake is extremely clean, pristine, and the views are outstanding. The backdrop is Mt. Timpanogos, the Northern Hemisphere's southern most glacier! About 40 pairs of Bald Eagles nest at the nearby fish hatchery so the sky is full of 'em. Golden Eagles too. Dear abound. The sun is intense, the air about 75-80 degrees and the wind is dry and sweet smelling. It is perfect sunbathing weather. Windsufing there is excellent too, wetsuit required, brr!. The beach is sand, rock, dirt, and if you move about 100 yards from shore, you can have a shade tree. There is another (NEW) state park in the area named Jordanelle. It is about 5 miles to the north. I have heard that the wind is not as reliable there. The view there is of the Deer Valley Ski Resort at Park City. Nearby are some other reservoirs such as Strawberry, Rockport, and Echo. I have seen the wind howl tremendously at Echo and have heard some good reviews by windsurfers and catamaraners about Echo Reservoir. Echo is about 30 miles north of Deer Creek. Strawberry is a very large one and I have heard it is quite windy there. I have not seen it. Strawberry is about 20 miles to the southeast. Rockport is about 10 miles northeast of Deer Creek and was a great place to ice fish and cross country ski when I was there. Not sure about wind in summer however. In Sothern Utah I have sailed on Tropic Reservoir, Quail Creek Reservoir, Piute Reservoir, and visited Otter Creek Reservoir. Otter Creek is the one most known for wind but when I was there, it was a flat day. Next Time.....Bear Lake, Echo, Jordanelle, Strawberry (Brr!). Happy Travelling! Gary.

Submitted by: Gary Friesen <>
MarinaDelRey/L.A., CA USA - Monday, November 04, 1996 at 09:28:40 (PST)

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