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121 Street Beach - Stone Harbor, NJ USA

Wind Conditions: Good
Water Conditions: Excellent
Launch facilities: Excellent
Beach conditions: Excellent
Traffic conditions: Good
Safety: Excellent

Charges: The Ramp to the beach is free -- beach slips are $150 for the season May thru Oct. but can generally be used free for a night or two. Free beach and trailer parking.

About the place:
On the Garden State Parkway, Stone Harbor is 25 miles south of Atlantic City or 10 miles north of Cape May. Either way, once in town, 121 Street is easy to find -- it is the southern most beach in town. Approximately 60 cats are kept on the beach during the season -- nearly all are hobies and the vast majority are 16's. You can generally find a few boats sailing on weekdays and anywhere from 10 to 30 on summer weekends. Surf is not particularly rough. Coast Guard and life guards are helpful and always around. Kayaks, stray swimmers, surfers, and PWCs in the surfline can make august beaching a bit hairy. Sail ESE from the beach to the bouy 3 miles out or the second 6 miles out, or head a few miles north to Avalon beaches (35th ST) and hang with the tamer crew who don't like surf or the tricky currents caused by the inlet just south of 121st St beach. At high tide only, try riding the rollers into the inlet 100's of yards on the edge of a breaker! Watch them rudders! See you there!

Submitted by: Matt Corcoran <>
Phila, PA USA - Saturday, October 05, 1996 at 08:20:43 (PDT)

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