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Finger Lake of Western NY - Near Rochester, NY USA

Wind Conditions: Excellent
Water Conditions: Excellent
Launch facilities: Good
Beach conditions: Good
Traffic conditions: Good
Safety: Good

Charges: Varies

About the place:
The finger lakes are a set of lakes located south of the New York State Thruway between Rochester and Syracuse NY. They are Canadagua, Keuka, Seneca, Cayuga, Owasco and Skaneateles. Looking at them on a map they look like fingers, hence the name. All of the lakes run north south. All of them are located in an area of rolling hills which makes for great scenery, but sometime strange wind patterns on the smaller ones. I personally enjoy Seneca the best because of it size and usually excellent wind. Launch sites vary, but most of the state boat launches are hobie friendly. Avoid the north end of Canadagua in the summer unless you have anti-PWC equipment installed.

Submitted by: Mark Gibson <>
Rush, NY USA - Wednesday, October 02, 1996 at 06:54:19 (PDT)

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