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Vol 5 - Issue 5 Dec 2001

Welcome to the Gary Friesen Issue. Only one guy came through with stories by "press time", and a generous lad he is. Thanks to Gary for the features this month, along with the product review, as well as the humor page. (Well... The humor page is mine, but I used Gary's ass, so technically he's a contributor there as well.
Quickly becoming a Santa Barbara Channel crossings veteran, Gary teams up with Alan Thompson (another long distance beachcat cruiser) for a day trip to Anacapa Island. Anacapa is the smallest in the chain of Channel Islands, as well as the closest at 18mi from the coast. In one day, these guys went to the island for some snorkeling, then returned in the darkness after a wild ride home!

In the time I've known Gary, I've learned he is quite the tinkerer, and is always coming up with inovative ways to make things better. This month, he demonstrates how to stiffen rudders with carbon fiber. This is something I may take on myself this winter.

Many of you may have noticed our links page was gone last month. Having given up on restoring the file, I am posting an older version, and will be working on cleaning up dead links. I'll be going through some old emails to get link requests reposted, but can use some help. If you previously requested a link be place on our links page and no longer see it, please let me know. Additionally, you may see some outdated links in which the respective sites have moved. Again, drop me an email and I'll get it fixed.

Sail fast, sail safe,

William R. Mattson, Editor

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Cover Photo by Gary Friesen