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The Annapolis Book of Seamanship; Mark Smith, John Rousmaniere; Hardcover; $29.25; Descriptive information available.

Beachcruising and Coastal Camping; Ida Little, Michael Walsh; Paperback; $17.95 (Special Order)

Catamaran Racing : For the 90's Rick White, Mary Wells / Paperback / Published 1992 Our Price: $29.95 (Special Order)

Catamaran Racing: From Start to Finish; Phil Berman; Paperback; $19.95

Championship Tactics : How Anyone Can Sail Faster, Smarter and Win Races; Tom Whidden, et al; Hardcover; $31.50; Descriptive information available.

Get Ready Get Set Go!/an Advanced Sailing Manual; Gail S. Sleeman, Julee Roth; Paperback; $14.35

Heavy Weather Sailing; Peter Bruce, K. Adlard Coles; Paperback; $25.16

High Performance Sailing; Frank Bethwaite; Paperback; $29.66

Making Waves : The Inside Story of Managing and Motivating the First Women's Team to Compete for the America's Cup; Anna Seaton Huntington; Hardcover; $17.96; Descriptive information available.

The Manual of Sail Trim; Stuart H. Walker; Paperback; $17.96

Multihull Voyaging; Thomas Firth Jones; Hardcover; $24.75

The New Book of Sail Trim; Ken Textor; Paperback; $16.16

Quarrie on Racing (Tips from the Top); Stuart Quarrie; Paperback; $15.26

Sail Better : 101 Tips and Techniques Vol 1; Roger Marshall; Paperback; $13.45; Descriptive information available.

Single-Handed Sailing; Frank Mulville; Paperback; $15.75

Singlehanded Sailing : The Experiences & Techniques of the Lone Voyagers; Richard Henderson; Paperback; $17.06

Spinnaker Handling; Christopher Croft, et al; Paperback; $13.45

There Be No Dragons : How to Cross a Big Ocean in a Small Sailboat; Reese Palley; Hardcover; $22.46


Adrift: Seventy Six Days Lost at Sea Steve Callahan; Paperback; $8.80

Around the World Single-Handed : The Cruise of the 'Islander'; Harry Pidgeon; Paperback; $7.15

Before the Wind : True Stories About Sailing; David Gowdey ; Paperback; $13.56

Maiden Voyage Tania Aebi, Bernadette Brennan / Paperback / Published 1996
Our Price: $8.00

The Sailing Mystique : The Challenges and Rewards of a Life Under Sail; Bill Robinson; Paperback; $13.45; Descriptive information available.

Steered by the Falling Stars : A Father's Journey; Daniel Spurr; Hardcover; $17.96; Descriptive information available.

Area Specific

Florida Under Sail : A Guide to Cruises, Beaches, Islands & More; Gordon Groene, Janet Groene; Paperback; $8.95

The Intracoastal Waterway Chartbook : Norfolk, Virginia, to Miami, Florida; Leslie Kettlewell, John Kettlewell; Paperback; $40.46

The Best Sailing Spots Worldwide Vol 1; Bill Robinson; Hardcover; $23.00 (Special Order)

Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound, Alaska, 2 Vols; Jim Lethcoe; Hardcover; $51.90 (Special Order)


An A-Z of Sailing Terms (Oxford Paperback Reference); Peter Kemp, Ian Dear; Paperback; $11.65

Basic Sailing; M. B. George; Paperback; $8.05

Basic Sailing; Paperback (Special Order)

Catamaran Sailing: From Start to Finish; Phil Berman; Paperback; $15.96

Chapman's Nautical Guides : Knots; Gae Pilon, Brion Toss; Paperback; $13.45; Descriptive information available.

The Complete Sailor : Learning the Art of Sailing; Kelly Mulford, David Seidman; Paperback; $14.35; Descriptive information available.

The Craft of Sail/a Primer of Sailing : A Primer of Sailing; Jan Adkins; Paperback; $9.85

First Time Crew : Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but Never Dared to Ask the Skipper; David Nicolle; Paperback; $13.45

Frugal Yachting : Family Adventuring in Small Sailboats; Larry Brown; Paperback; $16.16

Fundamentals of Sailing, Cruising, and Racing; Steve Colgate, Stephen Colgate; Hardcover; $31.50

The Handbook of Sailing; Bob Bond; Paperback; $23.40; Descriptive information available.

An Introduction to Sailing; David Pardon, Peter Blake; Paperback; $15.75; Descriptive information available.

Laser Sailing for the 1990's; Dick Tillman; Paperback; $15.26

Learn to Sail; Michael Levitt, et al; Hardcover; $20.66; Descriptive information available.

Learning to Sail (Jeff Toghill's Sailing School); Jeff Toghill; Paperback; $6.25

Learning to Sail : The Annapolis Sailing School Guide for All Ages; Ian Brodie, et al; Paperback; $11.65

Let's Go Sailing; Vince Mattera, et al; Paperback; $9.00

Sailing : A Parent's Handbook for Junior Sailing (Boating Made Simple); Susan D. Artof, Johi Palmer; Paperback; $9.85

The Sailing Dictionary; Barbara Webb, Joachim Schult; Hardcover; $26.96

Sailing Fundamentals; Gary Jobson; Paperback; $14.40

Sailing Made Simple; Shirley H. M. Reekie; Paperback; $15.26

The Sailor's Handbook : A Clear and Comprehensive Guide to Sailing for Pleasure and Sport Vol 1; Halsey C. Herreshoff; Paperback; $17.96; Descriptive information available.

Sailor's Start-Up : A Beginner's Guide to Sailing (Start-Up Sports, No 3); Doug Werner; Paperback; $8.95

Sarah's Boat : A Young Girl Learns the Art of Sailing; Douglas Alvord; Hardcover; $15.26; Descriptive information available.

Start Sailing Right (329306); D. Fries; Paperback; $9.25


American Sailing Ships : Their Plans and History; Charles G. Davis; Paperback; $7.15

The Bomb Vessel : Shore Bombardment Ships of the Age of Sail (Conway's Ship Types); Chris Ware; Hardcover; $35.06

Cogs, Caravels and Galleons : The Sailing Ship 1000 1650 (Conway's History of the Ship); Robert Gardiner, Richard W. Unger; Hardcover; $42.26

The Construction and Fitting of the English Man of War : 1650-1850; Peter Goodwin; Hardcover; $49.95

The Evolution of the Sailing Ship, 1250-1580 (Keynote Studies from the Mariner's Mirror); Basil Greenhill; Hardcover; $43.88

Sail's Last Century : The Merchant Sailing Ship 1830-1930 (Conway's History of the Ship); Robert Gardiner, Basil Greenhill; Hardcover; $43.16

Sailing Vessels in Authentic Early Nineteenth-Century Illustrations ('Sixty Five Plates of Shipping and Craft'); Edward William Cooke; Paperback; $7.15

The Ships of Christopher Columbus : Santa Maria, Nina, Pinta (Anatomy of the Ship); Xavier Pastor; Hardcover; $34.16

Tall Ship High Sea Adventure (World of Discovery); World of Discovery; VHS Tape; $19.99

Tall Ships of the World : An Illustrated Encyclopedia (Living History Series); C. Keith Wilbur; Paperback; $13.45

The Evolution of the Sailing Navy, 1509-1815; Hardcover (Special Order); Descriptive information available.


Captain Rod and Susie Stebbins' Coastal Loran Coordinates : Great Lakes and Gulf of St. Lawrence Vol 2; Rod Stebbins, Susie Stebbins; Paperback; $26.96

The Practical Pilot : Coastal Navigation by Eye, Intuition, and Common Sense; Leonard Eyges; Paperback; $20.66

Using Gps; Conrad Dixon; Paperback; $13.45

Best of Sail Navigation; C. Mason; Hardcover; $13.95 (Special Order)


The Boater's Medical Companion (Cornell Boaters Library); Robert S. Gould; Paperback; $6.95

The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge : 420 Sea-Tested Rules of Thumb for Almost Every Boating Situation; John Vigor; Paperback; $16.16

Teaching Boating Safety; Paperback; $14.00

The Boating Emergency Manual : Sail and Power Boats; Tony Meisel; Hardcover (Publisher Out Of Stock)


The Art and Science of Sails : A Guide to Modern Materials, Construction, Aerodynamics, Upkeep, and Use; Michael Levitt, Tom Whidden; Hardcover; $33.75; Descriptive information available.

The Splicing Handbook : Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes; Barbara Merry, John Darwin; Paperback; $9.85

The Symmetry of Sailing : The Physics of Sailing for Yachtsmen; Dave Wilkie, Ross Garrett; Paperback; $26.96


Advanced Wind Surfing (Adventure Sports); Farrel O'Shea, John Conway; Paperback; $17.06

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