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Davis Sail Bath

This product was tested by spot cleaning some sails. It was duluted about 40:1. 80:1 is what is recommended for general use to clean entire sail. It worked so well that I was tempted to try it elsewhere. Here is what I learned.

The product warns not to use it on natural fabric such as cotton, so I haven't. However, since it is made for petroleum based products ie:dacron, nylon etc. I tried it on my white trampoline. It cleans superbly and better than Ajax(tm) scouring clenser. It gets that vinyl white!

Since then, I used some Sail Bath at 20:1 for cleaning some vinyl patio funiture. It took off the scum so well that I decided to use it to clean my Hobie shrouds. I leave my mast up, so my shrouds get pretty scummy. That Sail Bath cleaned like you wouldn't believe.

Sail Bath is now my favorite cleaner. It has never harmed my skin either.

Available from West Marine - $6.95 / 16oz

Review by Gary Friesen
Star Bright Marine Polish

This product is great for removing oxidation and leaves a very slippery silicone coating. There are a few types of Star Bright Polish. This one comes in a blue bottle.

I found it very easy to use. Not much effort is needed to polish it on and the removal is easier than any polish I have used. It is so easy to use, that I use it even more often than I hoped I would. My boat always gets compliments and never looks dull.

Available from West Marine - $7.85 / 16oz

Review by Gary Friesen

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