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By William Wallick

Sharing the Wind/A Moment's Glory
VHS, approximately 27 minutes

Although produced in 1979, this still ranks as one of the best catamaran videos for exciting footage. It begins with shots from a Hobie 18 National Championship in California (year undisclosed, perhaps 1979 ?). The haircuts and clothing styles are good for a chuckle, as are the double and triple digit sail numbers. It's also funny to see close-ups of the halyard lock spring clip (which probably everybody has removed from their mast by now), the old style rudders (now upgraded), the pop-in ports, the lace in trapeze harnesses with the giant buckle in front (and crotch strap dead center), and seeing the racers tying in the old style batten caps.

You get an abbreviated ride along with Wayne Schafer on the prestart of a race as he checks the line, keeps an eye on the competition ("Where's Hobie?"), and finds a spot on the line.

Then we're off to the South Pacific where there are some nice shot of 4 18's sailing in unison, Dean Froome water-skiing behind an 18, skiing on a daggerboard, a triple trapped pyramid, and then Dean dagger-boarding from the bow of an 18. There are also some pretty surprising shots of a Hobie 18 being sailed, on land, over a sand dune.

But the last part is the part that everyone talks about in this video. Dean Froome and John Driscoll, on a Hobie 18, in Hawaii, with high winds and big surf. The conditions are perfect, the shots are great, and the slow motion is just right. The shot of the 18 launching off the top of a monster wave, catching air, with Driscoll trapped out and Froome bouncing around is really awesome. This section could have definitely been longer.

This is the video I show to my non-sailing friends to get them hooked on the sport. It is very contagious, and not too long.

The second part of the video, A Moment's Glory, is footage from the 1976 Hobie 16 World Championships in Hawaii. While it's good, after the awesome 18 shots it seems a little tame. It was probably from an earlier period as the photography is not as good as the 18 footage. But you do get to see Dean Froome and John Driscoll win the first ever Hobie 16 Worlds.

RECOMMENDATION: Save a spot on the bookshelf for this one.

William Wallick

Sharing the Wind/A Moment's Glory a R. Paul Allen production. VHS, Approximately 50 mins. Copyright 1979, Coast Catamaran. Price: $28.00; Available through Hobie Cat, Murray's Marine, and probably your local boat dealer.

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