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Press Release: Team Zwitserleven Booth/Nieuwenhuis Ninth at 2007 Tornado Europeans

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Team Zwitserleven Booth/Nieuwenhuis [4]On Thursday April 5 2007, Team Zwitserleven Booth/Nieuwenhuis (NED) finished ninth at the Tornado Europeans 2007 and eleventh in the overall results for the Mats Nyberg Trophy. This was the final outcome, as the Dutchmen just missed the medal race. Sixty teams representing twenty-one countries participated in this year’s European Championship raced in the Bay of Palma. The fleet was the highest standard assembled with many World and Olympic champions taking part. The event was conducted during the annual Princess Sofia Trophy, part of the grade one Olympic Class circuit.

Team Zwitserleven started the ten race series well and by the half way mark it was placed fifth overall. Races seven and eight cost the team badly as they slipped back to sixteenth before recovering to finish ninth overall. This result is awarded with a B-status of NOC*NSF (national Olympic Committee). Skipper Mitch Booth commented: “The conditions were brutal with storms every day over the course that caused the wind to do circles. We are generally happy to have made the top ten in this event, but still have a lot of work in preparation for the World Championships in Portugal this July.” Crewman Pim Nieuwenhuis added: “We have made real progress with our sail development program and now feel confident that we can go and race the best of the best. The new sail designs we are using have improved our light wind performance dramatically.”

The European Title was eventally won by the Greek team of Theodorakis and Kosmoglou who proved most consistent over the week of tricky racing conditions. World Champions Bundock and Ashby (AUS) took the victory in the Mats Nyberg Trophy for the best overall result, included non-European participants.

Next week the Tornado fleet travels to Hyeres in France for the largest Olympic class regatta on the Mediterranean, Semaine Olympique Hyeres. Team Zwitserleven is looking forward to what is expected to be a windy regatta.

Top three Tornado Europeans 2007:
1. GRE - Theodorakis/Kosmoglu, 60 points
2. RUS – Kirilyuk/Ushkov, 65 points
3. FRA – Revil/Espagnon, 74 points
9. NED – Booth/Nieuwenhuis, 179 points


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