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Press Release: 30th Zwitserleven Round Texel Catamaran Race, The Netherlands

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Round Texel 2007 [4]The 30th Zwitserleven Round Texel Race in the Netherlands shows several innovations. First, the recreational sailors will have their own classification, the so called silver fleet. That means they don’t need a measurement form and they pay a lower entry fee, which makes participation in world’s biggest cat race more economical. The party tent is the second change, as the new licensee and caterer will restore the original social atmosphere. As of March 6th, all participants can register for the Zwitserleven Round Texel Race 2007, that will start on June 23rd.

Despite the two classes, the whole fleet starts together, so the sensation of hundreds of colourful catamarans on one line remains the same. The top three performances in the silver fleet will be awarded with encouragement prizes. During the Round Texel Week, the recreational sailors can also enjoy the traditional Horsttocht and social beach culture. Their entry fee is 100 euro, whereas the competitive racers pay 110 euro. In addition, the Golden Fleet competitors still have to meet the requirements for participation. Foreigners only need a measurement form, but Dutch equips also need a starting license, eventually a sponsor certificate and a membership at a sailing club that is associated with the Royal Netherlands Sailing Federation. All of this gives them the right to participate in the official Dutch Championship Catamaran Sailing, called the Texel Dutch Open, commencing on June 20th. That competition runs over three days.

This jubilee-edition of the Zwitserleven Round Texel Race must boost the social part of the event. Licensee Mark Röple introduces the quality and atmosphere of his nearest beach pavilions De Zeester and De Buren in the party tent. It is going to be the revival of ancient ‘Texel party-time’ for competitors and their friends. They can eat a drink in the sailors’ lounge, do some shopping, enjoy the relaxing music and the repertoire of top disc jockeys and well known bands in the evening. Questionnaires Event’s coordinator Edwin Lodder explains the innovations: “Over the last thirty years, the racing element of the Zwitserleven Round Texel Race became more and more important. Top sailors from all over the world come to Texel. This development involves an increase in rules, which made it more difficult and expensive for recreational sailors to join.” They started to stay away. That was the reason why the organization, in consultation with the Royal Netherlands Sailing Federation, decided to simplify and lower the costs of participation for this important target group. Lodder: “We also concluded from last year’s questionnaires that the tent program was no longer attractive for our participants. In fact, it was a source of dissension, which we took very seriously. We think we have found a good solution. Hopefully all changes will lead to a great jubilee-party.” Apart from Zwitserleven, the event is also sponsored by TNG Swiss Watches, Repeat Sales Promotions, W&H/Liebherr, Yamaha Nederland, Nissan, Teso, VVV Texel, the Mondriaan Onderwijsgroep, de Meeuw, Zeilen and Paal 17 events.

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