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Press Release: Team Zwitserleven, Booth/Dercksen, Close to Medal at ISAF World Sailing Games

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Lake Neusiedl, Austria, May 19th 2006 - Team Zwitserleven Booth/Dercksen is close to a medal at the ISAF WorldS ailing Games 2006 in Austria. After eight races on Lake Neusiedl, the Dutchmen are second on the points table of the Hobie Tiger class. The Australians Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby are leading. The medal race on May 20 will be decisive for the final podium ranking. According to Mitch Booth, the competition is close. Theoretically, it could be a win or a tenth.

Before Herbert Dercksen starts to talk about today's racing in Austria, he expresses his feelings about the tragedy onboard ABN AMRO II: This is a really tragic story and our deepest sympathy go out to all at the ABN Amro team, and our hearts go out to Hans=92 family and close friends.

On Friday May 19th, racing was not particular easy for the catamarans. It started with a postponement, since the race committee expected strong winds. It did not really pick up, so the first starting gun was fired at half past eleven. Team Zwitserleven finished fourth in a field of twenty boats. The postponement flag arised again for the same reason. After two hours of waiting, the sailors were called back on the water, despite only one or two knots of pressure. Dercksen: All of us complained, but the committee was determined. As we rounded the first upwind mark, the race was cancelled. A thunderstorm that was around all day, returned and brought back some wind. Throughout the race, the pressure increased from five to fifteen knots and Mitch Booth and Herbert Dercksen sailed themselves into a second position. Dercksen: We are competitive, so we are happy so far.

Tomorrows medal race has a double value and cannot be discarded from the results.

Booth: Theoretically, we could win or end up as tenth. If we are realistic, we are not really close enough to attack for the title.

The last race of the ISAF World Sailing Games 2006 will be an exciting one.

Top five after eight races:

1. AUS -- Bundock/Ashby, 22 points

2. NED -- Booth/Dercksen, 36 points

3. FRA -- Xavier/Espagnon, 39 points

4. NED -- De Koning/Heemskerk, 41 points

5. CAN -- Johansson/Stittle, 46 points

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